What We Do


First and foremost, we are educators. All the arborists at UFA hold degrees in Forest Science. We have a wide variety of professional backgrounds and we truly love sharing our knowledge and passion for trees. As forestry is such a diverse field, we are able to offer a great range of services. Because we do not prune or remove trees, you can trust that our advice is solely in your best interest. Our services include:

Quercus agrifolia  (Coast Live Oak)

Quercus agrifolia (Coast Live Oak)

In short, if you need consultation help with your trees, we can provide it.


One-Hour Inspection

Our one-hour inspection is the most common service utilized by homeowners. If you are worried about a sick tree or a potentially hazardous branch, this service is for you. It includes 1/2 hour of travel time and an hour on site (time over one hour is billed in 15 min. increments). Typical reasons for inspections include Pest and Disease Diagnosis, Tree Risk Assessment and Sudden Oak Death management. Our native oak trees and redwoods constitute a large percentage of our inspections. Upon request, we can generate a report recording our observations, conclusions and recommendations. In the event the tree is beyond help, this report can be used to satisfy the Arborist Report requirement of many of the local municipalities for tree removal applications. Ideally, the goal of the appointment is to educate you about your tree(s) so that you feel comfortable and confident making management decisions.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Notholithocarpus densiflorus  (Tanoak)

Notholithocarpus densiflorus (Tanoak)


Tree Protection Plans

Tree Protection Plans (TPPs) are required during almost any construction project when there are trees on the property or even on the adjacent properties if they could be affected by the development.

Our staff has experience not only in preparing compliant TPPs, but actually working on construction sites as carpenters. We are intimately familiar with both the regulations and the practices on the typical construction site.


Vegetation Management Plans

Vegetation Management Plans (VMPs) are often required by the various planning and fire departments throughout the Bay Area. As foresters, we have education in wildland fire and fire ecology and are well equipped to produce high quality, effective VMPs and to advise our clients on fire danger and the combustibility of landscape plants. In addition, Ray has extensive experience on volunteer fire crews and has been involved in many of the large fires throughout California including the Oakland and Vision Fires.

IMG_0136 (1).JPG

Tree and Plant Appraisal

While nearly everyone is aware of the aesthetic value of trees, people are often surprised to learn there is a method for appraising the monetary value (or cost) of mature trees. Trees can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars in value or cost of replacement. Knowing this amount can help tremendously in recouping loss after damage. Mature trees have been shown to significantly increase the property value of a home. UFA can provide plant appraisals for legal cases (including fire victims), insurance claims, real estate, or simple curiosity.


Forensic Investigation and Expert Witness Testimony

Urban Forestry Associates provides forensic investigation and expert witness testimony on tree damage and failure, vegetation fire, vegetation management, and other landscape issues. UFA staff has been involved in over 200 legal cases all over California for a variety of clients including private individuals, businesses, local governments and state departments including many for CalTrans.

We serve both claimants and defendants.