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PLUOY_Esig_230x40 Coffee Berry, Rhamnus californica DSC_0097

Tree maintenance and training are often overlooked as trees are developing, and only draw attention when poor structure creates a problem. UFA has the training and qualification (we are all ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified) required to properly assess the structural integrity, or lack thereof, of trees around homes, buildings, roads and paths. During our holistic examination, among the many factors evaluated are: the root system, trunk architecture, scaffold branch attachment points, canopy symmetry, signs and symptoms of decay fungi and other pathogens, overall tree vigor, and environmental conditions. We can perform a Resistograph (shown above) to analyze the main stem, branches and roots of a tree for unseen pockets of decay that can contribute to a failure, without damaging the tree. If the risk associated with a tree is too great, our report can serve as the Arborist Report required by most local municipalities to be included with the tree removal permit application (available HERE).


Ray Moritz performing a Resistograph inspection of an old incense cedar in Tahoe

Coffee Berry

Rhamnus californica