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Urban Forestry Associates, INC


PLUOY_Esig_230x40 Coast Redwood Needles Cone



"This company deserves the 'As good as it gets' rating...extremely professional and knowledgeable."

                                        -Jan B.

"I feel more secure knowing that the trees received an evaluation by UFA. I would defintely call them again..."

                                           -Tracy L.

Our one hour appointments with homeowners are probably our favorite thing to do around here. When people call us, it is usually because they really care about their trees and want to know more about them. The simple act of sharing our knowledge with homeowners is equally as rewarding as seeing their trees improve with the help of our recommendations. Unfortunately though, trees cannot always be helped. In this case, we can supply an arborist report to support the removal, which is required by many local municipalities.  You can download the community specific removal applications here.

Coast Redwood

Sequoia sempervirens