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PLUOY_Esig_230x40 Oak Root System


Our one-hour inspection is the most common service utilized by homeowners. If you are worried about a sick tree or a potentially hazardous branch, this service is for you. It includes 1/2 hour of travel time and an hour on site (time over one hour is billed in 15 min. increments). Typical reasons for inspections are described in Pest and Disease Diagnosis, Tree Risk Assessment, Sudden Oak Death, and Climbing Inspections. Our native oak trees and redwoods constitute a large percentage of our inspections. Time permitting and upon request, we can generate a digital field report recording our observations, conclusions and recommendations. In the event the tree is beyond help, this report can be used to satisfy the Arborist Report requirement of many of the local municipalities for tree removal applications. You can download the applications HERE.

Valley Oak, Quercus lobata, leaf, acorn

Valley Oak

Quercus lobata