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Fountaingrove II is a large Homeowners' Association of approximately 600 homes known for stunning views from its location atop the hills of northeastern Santa Rosa. The Open Space Maintenance Association (OSMA) is responsible for managing the 200+ acres of open space within the defined boundaries of the community, in an area which has been classified as a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone by the City of Santa Rosa.  Recognized as a Firewise Community, Fountaingrove II is the first in Sonoma County to garner this distinction.


UFA has been working closely with Dennis Searles and Kim Nielsen-Glynn of OSMA to manage their openspace in accordance with their Special Use Permit to mitigate fire risk in the openspace to create a fuelbreak for a fire traveling up the surrounding slopes. This has primarily been accomplished through targeted Douglas-fir and California bay removal and breaking the "ground to crown continuity" by thinning the understory. Both Douglas-fir and bay have taken advantage of the fire exclusion from the site to invade what would otherwise be oak woodland. The majority of the tree work has been carried out by Sandborn Tree Service, which has done an excellent job.


The transformation of the forest has been breathtaking. What were dense stands with low light penetration and heavy poison oak full of discarded tires are now beautiful, open oak woodlands. As part of the rehabilitation and preservation of these oak woodlands, the black and coast live oaks are treated annually with Agri-Fos (by the Hitmen) to mitigate the risk of sudden oak death.  Recently, we have been working with Matteo Garbelotto of UC Berkley on a study of the efficacy of Agri-Fos and the impact of bay proximity, spearheaded by Dennis Searles. We are very excited to see what we can learn from such a highly documented treatment area.


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