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Urban Forestry Associates, INC


PLUOY_Esig_230x40 Coast Redwood Needles Cone


"This company deserves the 'As good as it gets' rating...extremely professional and knowledgeable."

                                        -Jan B.

"I feel more secure knowing that the trees received an evaluation by UFA. I would defintely call them again..."

                                           -Tracy L.

Coast Redwood

Sequoia sempervirens

CITY OF Mill Valley

UFA acts as the City Arborist for Mill Valley. This means that if Mill Valley receives an application for a Heritage Tree Removal Permit, it is sent to us for peer review. Additionally, we address any concerns the City may have regarding construction impacts on trees and will frequently meet with developers, city officials and project arborists to discuss what needs to be done to ensure Mill Valley continues to have the mature urban tree population it has always enjoyed, while accommodating the development necessary in such a thriving community.