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PLUOY_Esig_230x40 Coast Redwood Needles Cone


You may have noticed that many of the roads in California are lined with trees. From the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California to huge eucalyptus in Santa Barbara, there are trees, large and small, to block noise and add aesthetics to your road trip. When one of these trees fall or drop limbs on the roads, there are usually many questions to be answered. UFA has had a long standing relationship with Cal Trans doing forensic analysis after an incident to paint a picture of what happened and why.


We have also done assessments and mitigation recommendations for road construction projects including road expansions and culvert replacements.


"This company deserves the 'As good as it gets' rating...extremely professional and knowledgeable."

                                        -Jan B.

"I feel more secure knowing that the trees received an evaluation by UFA. I would defintely call them again..."

                                           -Tracy L.

Coast Redwood

Sequoia sempervirens